The goal and aim of our ranch breeding program is simple - we attempt to breed a horse that we would personally use, one that will fit into the needs of our family and ranch. That means a horse that would work cows in the rough mountain country or brushy bottom land, one that would teach a youngster to ride, one that would competitively haul to 4-H, High School Rodeos, and reined cow horse events, and still have enough quiet disposition to pack on a weekend fishing or hunting trip into the mountains. In other words, we strive to raise a truly versatile quarter horse.

We feel that by taking proven foundation bloodlines and then tuning them further by interspersing with more modern-popular cow working blood lines, that a breeder can raise a pretty remarkable quarter horse that will stand to conformation, athletic ability, natural born cow sense, and a good disposition. This type of breeding will result in a very marketable horse. This has become the goal of our breeding program with our breeding stallions. We have come to believe that the lines of these four stallions cross well on such lines as Driftwood, Mr. San Peppy, Peppy San Badger, Freckles Playboy, Colonel Freckles, Docs Quixote, Doc's Oak, Docs Jack Frost, and others. We are riding horses that will not sour mentally nor develop arthritis as a three year old, a horse that we are proud of, will hold up, and be usable for a long time.

Tee J Jackies Blue
1994 Gray Stallion
Tee J Golden Blue X Tee J Jackies Barbie


Nic The Player
2010 AQHA Bay Stallion
Nic It In The Bud X Sky Player

2013 Non Pro Snaffle Bit Champion for the Intermountain Reined Cowhorse Association

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